Thursday, December 9, 2010


this is what happens when your shopping buddy moves away - you start a blog to share your purchases!

sleeveless white ruffle front shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
green scoop neck cotton sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
new belt! - Target
6 panel black skirt - Merona Target
boots - Clarks

I haven't worn this skirt in probably more than a year, as I have others that tend to get into rotation more often. It is lined, which is always nice in a chilly climate, and has a nice chevron sort of tonal line pattern to it up close so it's a little dressier.

But it rides up a bit when sitting down - like at work. So it might go into the giveaway pile, since I have an unlined stretch cotton A-line that stays in place better, a lightweight knit not-quite-circle one and a heavier knit pencil-ish that dresses up pretty well. Hrm, haven't worn that pencil one in a while either. Guess I should try that one next week!

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