Thursday, December 9, 2010

last week sometime...


This is the outfit I was telling you about last week. I have this sweater in gray & an olive-y green and they're fast becoming my favorites. Short-sleeve means easy to wear in the fall, but the wide sleeves also make it easy to layer a long sleeve tee underneath. The sleeves have a little roll at the hem, and there's a different stitch under the arms making a sort of stripe down the sides - actually a little slimming. And the gray color is great under my necklace!

gray cowl neck wide sleeve - Ann Taylor Loft
white long sleeve tee - Target
lightweight denim pencil skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
necklace - gift from Mer! (Kohl's)
boots - Clarks

I imagine that the computer is going to get packed up (or at least, ignored in favor of packing) soon, so I'll just keep leaving you notes & posts here to read whenever you take a break.
Went to Nordstrom Rack at lunch today, didn't get anything because the line was so long and I didn't have enough time to dig through the racks like I wanted to. Was standing at a rack of sweaters looking at them and wishing you were here to tell me whether to buy it or not. But I think you would have said no, so I skipped it :P

miss you,

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