Sunday, December 19, 2010

not even sure of the date anymore...


I'd say it's been a crazy week here, but I know yours has been far nuttier what with packing etc. Managed to only take 2 pics this week, but here they are. still trying to figure out settings :P

blue dress: Old Navy tuxedo front
brown cord jacket: Ann Taylor Loft
light teal belt: Old Navy
boots: Dansko Risa

so, wore this 'dress' to work with stockings & boots. It is way short! spent most of the day trying to pull it down; every time I sat down it would ride up. Every time I raised my arms, it would pull up and then the elastic belt would hold it up super short.

Got home and put it on with leggings instead and bloused it out over the belt more - much bett
er. wore that ensemble to meet up with the girls at Fashion Weds and got several compliments. and it was super comfy with the leggings and boots! So I think this has become a tunic instead of a dress. have to try to get a pic of that for you - contemplating if I might need to hem it a bit to a better length for tunic.

love the wide elastic belt and this teal color with the dark brown is great! now I want a black one, but I didn't like this version in black because the buckle part of it was a super light tan. ah well, something to search for! I did run into Old Navy and grab the dress in green (on sale, only $15) along with a tank that I need to take a pic of too. But the green 'tunic' will probably make an appearance at the holidays this week. :)

white ls tee: Target
purple vest: Kenar via Marshalls
black knit skirt: yarn store via Mer! (when did you get this? 2000?)
boots: clarks
grey armwarmers peeking out: Nordstrom

I love these boots, but I have snagged & torn two pairs of stockings and these tights while wearing them. there's a rough spot on the zipper of the left one and I catch it when I attempt to cross my legs under my desk. sigh

realized that I haven't worn this skirt in probably more than a year. not sure why - it's very comfy and easily dressed up/down. I loved the purple of this
sweater vest, and the fitted waist with the flowy sleeves give it a sort of 40s feel. thought it went well with the fitted skirt, too, though I wish I could find something better to go under it than a white tee shirt. I think every time I wear a long-sleeve tee I put on those armwarmers for an extra layer - I wear them all the time! great for my chilly office though.

I did manage to get to ON and Kohl's (after I'd finished my holiday shopping for other people), so I'll have to try to show you those purchases this week. In the meantime, off to do laundry!

hope you have safe travels!

miss you,

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