Sunday, December 19, 2010

not even sure of the date anymore...


I'd say it's been a crazy week here, but I know yours has been far nuttier what with packing etc. Managed to only take 2 pics this week, but here they are. still trying to figure out settings :P

blue dress: Old Navy tuxedo front
brown cord jacket: Ann Taylor Loft
light teal belt: Old Navy
boots: Dansko Risa

so, wore this 'dress' to work with stockings & boots. It is way short! spent most of the day trying to pull it down; every time I sat down it would ride up. Every time I raised my arms, it would pull up and then the elastic belt would hold it up super short.

Got home and put it on with leggings instead and bloused it out over the belt more - much bett
er. wore that ensemble to meet up with the girls at Fashion Weds and got several compliments. and it was super comfy with the leggings and boots! So I think this has become a tunic instead of a dress. have to try to get a pic of that for you - contemplating if I might need to hem it a bit to a better length for tunic.

love the wide elastic belt and this teal color with the dark brown is great! now I want a black one, but I didn't like this version in black because the buckle part of it was a super light tan. ah well, something to search for! I did run into Old Navy and grab the dress in green (on sale, only $15) along with a tank that I need to take a pic of too. But the green 'tunic' will probably make an appearance at the holidays this week. :)

white ls tee: Target
purple vest: Kenar via Marshalls
black knit skirt: yarn store via Mer! (when did you get this? 2000?)
boots: clarks
grey armwarmers peeking out: Nordstrom

I love these boots, but I have snagged & torn two pairs of stockings and these tights while wearing them. there's a rough spot on the zipper of the left one and I catch it when I attempt to cross my legs under my desk. sigh

realized that I haven't worn this skirt in probably more than a year. not sure why - it's very comfy and easily dressed up/down. I loved the purple of this
sweater vest, and the fitted waist with the flowy sleeves give it a sort of 40s feel. thought it went well with the fitted skirt, too, though I wish I could find something better to go under it than a white tee shirt. I think every time I wear a long-sleeve tee I put on those armwarmers for an extra layer - I wear them all the time! great for my chilly office though.

I did manage to get to ON and Kohl's (after I'd finished my holiday shopping for other people), so I'll have to try to show you those purchases this week. In the meantime, off to do laundry!

hope you have safe travels!

miss you,

Thursday, December 9, 2010


testing to see how this looks:

close-up of the new belt from Target

last week sometime...


This is the outfit I was telling you about last week. I have this sweater in gray & an olive-y green and they're fast becoming my favorites. Short-sleeve means easy to wear in the fall, but the wide sleeves also make it easy to layer a long sleeve tee underneath. The sleeves have a little roll at the hem, and there's a different stitch under the arms making a sort of stripe down the sides - actually a little slimming. And the gray color is great under my necklace!

gray cowl neck wide sleeve - Ann Taylor Loft
white long sleeve tee - Target
lightweight denim pencil skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
necklace - gift from Mer! (Kohl's)
boots - Clarks

I imagine that the computer is going to get packed up (or at least, ignored in favor of packing) soon, so I'll just keep leaving you notes & posts here to read whenever you take a break.
Went to Nordstrom Rack at lunch today, didn't get anything because the line was so long and I didn't have enough time to dig through the racks like I wanted to. Was standing at a rack of sweaters looking at them and wishing you were here to tell me whether to buy it or not. But I think you would have said no, so I skipped it :P

miss you,


this is what happens when your shopping buddy moves away - you start a blog to share your purchases!

sleeveless white ruffle front shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
green scoop neck cotton sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
new belt! - Target
6 panel black skirt - Merona Target
boots - Clarks

I haven't worn this skirt in probably more than a year, as I have others that tend to get into rotation more often. It is lined, which is always nice in a chilly climate, and has a nice chevron sort of tonal line pattern to it up close so it's a little dressier.

But it rides up a bit when sitting down - like at work. So it might go into the giveaway pile, since I have an unlined stretch cotton A-line that stays in place better, a lightweight knit not-quite-circle one and a heavier knit pencil-ish that dresses up pretty well. Hrm, haven't worn that pencil one in a while either. Guess I should try that one next week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For those of you who are still following me after my long absence: hi!!!

Also: my dear friend Em and I are now sharing this blog (much like A Tale Of Two Closets). I'm moving from the East Coast to Hawai'i, and Em's in the Midwest, so this seemed like an excellent way of keeping each other up to date on what we've worn, what we've bought, etc.

There won't be a ton of posts from me in the next few weeks - I'm in the middle of the move - though I will try to get one or two in. In the interim, please enjoy the few outfit photos that I managed to take during 2010.

~ Mer

Occasion: The Captain and his wife Kristin had a holiday open house

Tunic: Macys
Scarf: Chinatown, San Francisco
Tank: Apt 9, Kohls
Cardigan: no idea. I have like 4 black cardigans :P
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Belt: NY & Company
Shoes: ecco (I've since donated these. They rubbed my feet raw :( )






Occasion: Daily outfit

Dress: George, Walmart
LS Cowlneck sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, eBay
Tights: Hue
Boots: Dr Marten


Occasion: the command holiday party

Dress: LeeLee's Valise
Belt: Target
Tank: Kohls
Boots: Matisse
Cat: Neo




Occasion: daily outfit

Skirt, purple sweater: H&M
LS tee: Target
Shoes: Me Too, Marshalls


Occasion: daily outfit

Tee: Chicos
Skirt: NY & Company
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Tsubo Acrea, beloved of fashion bloggers everywhere :P
Necklace: Marshalls (it's one REALLY long strand that I looped multiple times)




Occasion: daily outfit

Shirt: NY & Company
Jersey cardigan: Mexican Shop (Evanston, IL)
Jeans: Canyon River Blues, Sears




Occasion: daily outfit

Top: Merona, thrifted
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft
Note: top makes me look way less pregnant that in this pic. just sayin'



Occasion: daily outfit

Sweater: Merona, Target
Tank: Kohls
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft



Occasion: daily outfit

Dress: H&M, eBay
Tank: Kohls
Shoes: Fluevog



Occasion: daily outfot

Top: NY&Company, thrifted
Skirt: NY & Company
Shoes: Fluevog Zaza's



Occasion: went to Mohegan Sun Casino for drinks with the DH

Dress: Kohls
Tank: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Fluevog



Occasion: daily outfit

Dress: Max Studio, eBay
Cardigan: Chadwicks
Belt: Ny & Company
Shoes: I forget. Donated 'em :)




Occasion: daily outfot

Dress: NY & Company
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Merrell
Note: mirror pictures+low light = shakeycam



Occasion: daily outfit

Dress: London Times
Belt: NY & Company
Shoes: Merrell



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


cream turtleneck - Ann Taylor Loft
cotton floral top as vest - Old Navy
brown swing cardi - Chaus via Marshall's
curvy skinny jeans - Ann Taylor Loft
brown slouchy boots - Report via TJ Maxx

not a great pic and a bad location, but was a little rushed when I got home in the evening. wore this friday to work, super comfy. only thing is that after sitting at my desk all day the cotton tank was all wrinkled up in the front. ah well